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complAI Project


complAI – Motivation

  • Potential and rising trends of digital ecosystems with robotics

  • Importance of interdisciplinary discussions

  • Consideration of legal, ethical and safety/security related issues when introducing artificial intelligence in organizations and digital environments

  • Varying characteristics of different artificial intelligence technologies

    • symbolic artificial intelligence – precise and complex

    • sub symbolic artificial intelligence – abstract and flexible, integration of human knowledge representation and management

complAI – Innovation

  • Model-based assistant system for decision support related to artificial intelligence

  • Model-based operation of robots

    • division in technical and functional processes

  • Signing of process in a transparent way by ethical, legal, safety and security specific assessments

  • Conceptualization and provision of suitable criteria catalogues

  • Interpretation of artificial intelligence and criteria catalogue dependencies

complAI – Goals

  • Development of a prototype (based on ADOxx and Olive) for an assistant system that supports model-based risk management considering ethical, legal, safety and security specific aspects

  • Haptic demonstration of such a system with robot platforms

  • Mechanism on how to assess a process with the defined criteria

  • Execution of trustworthy processes

  • Publishing of sample models for assessment criteria and domain specific (case study) dependencies as well as artificial intelligence